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From Darkness to Light

Following the trauma and darkness Israel has gone through, we at the Israeli Chinese medicine community are determined to bring light and healing.


Who Are We
And What Do We Do?

Hi there, we're glad you came. who are we you ask? we are the Israeli Association for Chinese medicine. We at the IACM are busy these days with helping our practitioners bringing some relief to the ones affected by war.

There are countless Chinese Medicine therapists volunteering with displaced Israelis after October 7th massacre. People who lost their homes and were displaced with nothing but the clothes they wear. Of course this situation brings with it a lot of stress and trauma, and we as therapists, part of this nation, try to relieve some of it.

As of now, we are the biggest complementary medicine association in Israel. We support our practitioners, raise funds, set up conventions and help with everything our community needs.


Oh, we almost forgot to mention - we are an NPO (non profit organization) so everything we do is for our community on a volunteering basis. You can help us out with equipment buying if you'd like- here.

What is the Israeli community doing?


 Helping Treating Soldiers,

Medical Personal etc.

The front liner personal in Israel are working around the clock to provide everyone's well being, our therapists are giving these hard-working staff treatments to help cope with war and the sights it brings.

 Treating Displaced Israeli Refugees

Currently more then a hundred-thousand people in Israel has been evacuated from their homes and are located in hotels and other compounds in the "safe zones" of Israel. Our volunteers are treating them in those compounds, providing relief.

Volunteering in Hospitals

Over 30 therapists spread in 5 hospitals all around the country treating injured patients suffering wounds from the war.

Relieving Stress and Trauma

in the Community

The events in October 7th had a sever impact on each and everyone of us Israelis. Our therapists are working countless hours in order to treat trauma and anxiety, providing tools, formulas and acupuncture treatments.

Stand With Us

You’re support is needed for our community to help bring relief and light in a place where darkness took place.


Our aim is to help as many people we can with chinese medicine and that’s why we need you! 


You can click on this candle and let us know you support our doing.

Here is what your support will help with: Currently, our community is volunteering from their own pocket. We at the IACM want to help our practitioners around the country with financing and relieving some of the pressure that comes with volunteering. Volunteering usually means: clearing a working day schedule, driving to a therpy compound somewhere and brining your own equipment to help treat war refugees and casualties. Your donations will help our great therapists with buying needles, sheets, herbs and any other equipment deemed necessery.

Our Therapists are eager to help in any way they can. If you'd like to help as well, you can donate to us, and we will buy the necessary equipment for them

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